I wrapped up 2017 watching the documentary, Losing Sight of the Shore which is about six women who have dreams to accomplish and demons to conquer. The movie’s message is that “everyone has their own pacific to cross.” Each team member faces the unknown and struggles with the challenges of being at sea for months as they move from California to Hawaii to Samoa to Australia on the Coxless Crew women’s rowing team. What struck me most about the documentary was that each member of the crew faced the voyage in a different way and each person’s inner journey was unique based on their personal goals.

As I welcome in 2018 and the promise of new adventures and experiences, I also like to look back on the books that were doses of inspiration during 2017.  These prescriptions helped me in both my personal and work life to cross my own pacific and make meaning out of each day. I hope that this reading prescription will help you in your 2018 journey around the sun. Enjoy!

The Human Condition

Every Day is an Adventure

Designing for Change

Stretch Your Thinking

Best wishes for a wonderful new year pursuing your personal and professional goals!