I’ve learned a lot about innovation this year as we’ve launched our district innovation incubator. In upcoming blog posts, I’ll be highlighting some of the R2 Innovates teams and how they’re breaking down walls and developing innovations that bring a real value to our students and teachers. The iterative process begins with version 1.0 for customer 1.0. By trying ideas on a small scale, teams can learn from successes and failures and make improvements that can then be rolled out in new versions for additional customers.

We were fortunate to have Ewan McIntosh of Notosh as a virtual faciliatator for a two day design workshop in December. Our teams worked hard, used hundreds of sticky notes, and came away with plans to bring their ideas to life. Success will be measured by the ability of teams to collaborate, iterate quickly, and scale their innovations. I look forward to sharing the progress of each team and encourage all educators to dream big and use the iterative process to scale innovations that can make a difference in the lives of our students. Follow R2 Innovates on our blog!