In preparation for a discussion about innovation in my district, I’ve been doing a little research on my own. After looking at lots of TED Talks including Stephen Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From, I decided that I needed to dive deeper. I stumbled on two books by Seth Godin that have made an impression – The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly and V is for Vulnerable (a picture book). V is for Vulnerable led me to the website for the illustrator, Hugh MacLeod, which led me to the graphic below and an interesting article called “How to be Creative.”


I felt a little like Alice going down the rabbit hole as I went deeper into the topic of innovation. You have to throw out a lot of your preconceived ideas in order to explore innovation. I’m going to take a while (the slow hunch) to think about creativity and the collision of ideas. When everyone starts doing something like redesigning work space, is that really innovation anymore? Do innovators always need to be one step ahead of things? Can you copy innovation? I don’t think so – I think you have to create and remix in order to be innovative. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and sharing our next steps.