Welcome to my new blog site!  I plan to use this site for reflections about the successful integration of technology into instruction.  I am a high school Instructional Technology Specialist in Columbia, SC.  I provide technology staff development to the faculty as well as work with teachers and students in the classroom on technology-infused lessons and assignments.

I have been in the instructional technology field for a long time.  I remember using a TRS-80 and thinking about how it would transform education.  A grant allowed me the opportunity to order Mac classics, and I delved into the world of multimedia with Hyperstudio.

When the Internet became more accessible, I learned how to use all of those command line prompts to search the Internet and chat with others.  It was a great relief in 1995 to finally have a web browser to make everything a little easier.

I later become the first district ITS in my school district and was there at the beginning to develop staff development for all of our teachers who were new to computers.  I remember getting our first Windows 95 computers and teaching our staff to manage files.

Education has certainly come a long way in the use of technology in the classroom.  We’ve gone beyond teaching how to use the tools and have moved forward into integrating the tools into every aspect of our lives.  I plan to use this blog to post ideas, successes, and even failures as I continue to push the limits in ways that technology can be used in the classroom.  Schools can now be classrooms without walls, and I’m excited to be a part of that.